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Classes and Workshops

Organic Vegetables

Most of our classes and workshops are taught by Joanna.  She plans to continue to offer our monthly agricultural classes, and may even add in a few more biweekly once we get "rolling" with them!

This year she will complete her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Education. With this and her prior teaching experience, she is changing the game with on-farm education! Other classes are taught by our farmer, Ben. Who better to learn from than the farmer himself? One of our biggest goals is to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers, and I think we are doing just that!

Here at Dickert Farms we truly believe in bringing the classroom to the farm. We are passionate about educating the public on farming practices and horticulture, but do not limit ourselves to educating on those topics.

We are creating a refined learning environment where anyone and everyone can become educated in Agricultural Literacy (AL). Not only will you become educated, but you’ll have FUN!

AL encompasses more than just cows and milk. With AL, we are teaching much more than that! While the topics are virtually endless, a few topics that we’ve taught/plan to teach are: bees and pollination, native and non-native plants, field corn and how/why we grow it, and food preservation. There is truly a topic for everyone, regardless of age and interests.

Not only are our lessons top notch and groundbreaking - we can provide a delicious farm fresh meal with request with our fully inspected commercial kitchen.

I am so proud of what we have built and the fact that you all love this farm as much as us!


Field trips are also becoming a big hit here, so if you’re interested in booking a field trip, please reach out! We will also be reaching out to local organizations/schools throughout the year! If you are interested in having a field trip here, please reach out!

I think we are bringing something very special and unique to not only Vinco, but to Western Pa!

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